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This is my OC - mermaid Arianna. She was born in the family of the wild tribe. She was very beautiful, happy and always walked nude, not knowing that it's possible to be ashamed of own body. 
But then comes "clever" and "wise" people and started to say to her: "Fie, Fie, Fie! You can't walk naked - it's horrible and indecently! You can offend other people with your nude body!" 
She didn't understand because she's an adult and can make her own decisions, but people said: "We don't give a damn, that you have G cups and you looks like an adult. We're seeing you as a child" 
People restlessly insults her and she started to feel unhappy and shabby. And she decided to jump into DA ocean for the water gods decided her fate. But gods have mercy on the poor girl, giving her fish tail and the ability to breathe underwater. 
They told her how beautiful she is and that she can't be shy her magnificent body and she will not be criticized here, like these angry people, which remained on the shore. 
Now that girl found a new home in the ocean, where she could be herself again. 

Happy end of unhappy story.Heart :D (Big Grin) 

2B (NieR Automata) by AyyaSAP  Karin (commission) by AyyaSAP  Kerrilandra (commission) by AyyaSAP  Elsa Frozen (redraw 2014) by AyyaSAP  Mei (YouTube painting process includes!) by AyyaSAP 
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February 24
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